4.4KW Grid Tied Solar System

 4.4kw grid tied solar system 拷贝



4.4KW Grid Tied Solar System Characteristics


1.High efficiency solar panel,lifetime 25years

2.Inverter adopting the latest effective model from Infineon

3.Advanced MPPT automated tracking technical

4.Multiple communication via RS232,RS485/USB (Optional)

5.Multilingual LCD, easy to operate 6.Parallel running mode with a string of inverters

7.Protection for overvoltage, islanding, overload, overheating, etc.

8.Modern appearance, small size, light weight

9.Plug input and output waterproof connector

10.The solar system easy to install and maintain


4.4KW Grid Tied Solar System Information


4.4KW Grid Tied Solar System Specification

Solar panel power Pm 20*240WP
Power allowance ±3%
Optimized working voltage Vm 30.6V
Optimized working current Im 7.84A
Open circuit voltage Voc 37.64V
Short circuit current Isc 8.55A
Inverter Input (DC)
Max. DC power 4580W
Max. DC voltage 550V
Max. input current 21A
Number of MPP trackers/Strings per MPP tracker 1 \ 1
MPPT voltage range (at rated power) 200~500V
Shutdown voltage/Start voltage 150/200V
Inverter Output (AC) Inverter Output (AC)
AC nominal power 4000W
Max. AC power 4400W
Max. AC current 22A
Nominal AC voltage / range 230 / 180~270V
AC grid frequency / range 50 / 47~52Hz
Power factor (cosφ) 1
Total harmonic distortion (THDi)(at nominal power) <3%
Inverter Efficiency Inverter Efficiency
Max. efficiency 97.6%
Euro efficiency 97.1%
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Inverter General data
Dimensions (W / H / D) 329*433*180mm
Weight [kg] 19.2Kg
Operating temperature range -20~+60 (derating at 45 °C)
Ingress protection IP65
Topology transformerless
Internal consumption(night) 0
Cooling concept Convection
Noise (typical) <30 dB
LCD display Backlight, 16*2 Character LCD
Communication port RS232
Rail 2100mm*8pcs + 3100mm*8pcs
Hook 40pcs
Middle clamp 36pcs
End clamp 8pcs
Connect of rail 16pcs
Grounding lug (Optional) 18pcs
Earthing clips (Optional) 18pcs
ELERTRIC BOX (Optional) AC/DC Circuit Breakers,Lighting arrestors, Electric meter

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