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   Monocrystalline silicon cell and founded multicrystalline silicon solar cell are the two most popular cells presents, and also the most important units photovoltaic power generation system.
   Our monocrystalline/polycrystalline silicon solar cell has fully realized automation in the production link. High level of automation is achieved in the whole process from automatic cleaning and diffusion, to plasma boosted chemical vapor deposition, metalized automatic printing metalized sintering and to total automatic sorting.
   Through advanced process such as first-class texturing, P-N knot diffusing, plasma etching, dereflection membrane making, electrode sintering and layered encapsulating, our solar cell is characterized by high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, long life span, stability and reliability, with the product achieving over an average photoelectric conversion rate of 16%.We can produce solar modules of various dimension applied in different areas to meet multiple needs through division of existing solar cells.